Banquet Table Host

Table Hosting

Thanks for your interest in hosting a table at our Celebration of Life Banquet on October 20, 2022. It’s our 20th anniversary. We wouldn’t be here without you and the countless volunteers and supporters who have faithfully sown into this ministry over the past 20 years.

We have two objectives this year; the first is to provide a night of fun and fellowship for all our volunteers and supporters. That’s why we selected a pro-life comedian as our special guest speaker. We want to convey our appreciation for the steadfast support of the community. We hope everyone will feel entertained, encouraged, and engaged in this ministry in fresh, new ways by the end of the evening. 

Second, the banquet is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Donations from the banquet will fund almost 40% of our annual budget. This year our fundraising goal is $50,000. While that sounds like a lofty number, we know that God can do marvelous things with just a mustard seed of faith and willing hearts.

Click each of the sections to the right to read more information or click the button below to download the Table Host flyer.

If you’re interested in being a table host, please call or text Marcie at 573.578.5306.

Table Host Information (click to read section)

As a Table Host, you have an essential role! We have 35 tables to fill. As you prayerfully consider who to invite to fill your table, please consider individuals you believe would be interested in this ministry. You may host more than one table. Each table seats eight people.

Let Marcie at 573.578.5306 know that you want to be a table host and how many tables to reserve. 

Plan of Action


Pray that this event would glorify our Father. Pray that the guests will be encouraged, inspired, and feel appreciated. Pray for our speaker and client testimonies. Pray for the technology! Pray God will show you who to invite. Finally, pray we reach our fundraising goal.


As you invite your guests, give them the flyer with the event details or make sure they know the date, time, and place. Seating starts at 6:00 PM. No children, please. Nursing babies are an exception. We welcome high school and college students to participate as volunteers.

All guests must be registered so that we can maintain an accurate headcount. Unregistered guests are not guaranteed a seat.


When you register your guests online with an email address, they automatically receive a confirmation email. It’s a good practice to make sure they receive it. This allows us to send them an email reminder about the banquet a week before the event. Otherwise, please call or text your guests with a courtesy reminder. If they need to cancel, please text me the first and last names of everyone who will be cancelling.  


Please arrive no later than 5:50 PM. Check in at the registration table. Enter the banquet room and find your table(s). Please silently pray for the event. If you can gather with another table host to pray, please do. Guests will be arriving at 6:00 PM.


Introduce your guests to one another and make them feel comfortable. We may need to seat walk-ins at various tables with unfilled seats. Please make them feel welcome.

You will have an envelope with names of those assigned to your table. Please mark the sheet to reflect an accurate attendance. Inside the envelope are giving cards. When the speaker prompts, distribute giving cards to everyone at your table and collect them afterwards. Give your envelope containing the giving cards to Shelly Lansing or Mary Lee after the event.  

Registering a Guest

There are two ways to register a guest. Online or by paper.


  1. Get your guests name, phone and email.
  2. Register your guests at
  3. Enter the registration for all guests by Monday, October 10.
  4. If your table(s) is full and you have friends who desire to attend, please register them under Don’t have a table host yet? We will be happy to place your friends at other tables.
  5. Text/email the first and last name of cancellations to 573.578.5306 or
  6. After October 10, we will start to fill the empty seats with those who want to attend but were not contacted by a table host.


  1. Use this sheet to track your guests. (Word Doc or PDF)
  2. Email or call in the information no later than October 10th to or 573.578.5306.