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When our doors first opened in 2003, our primary focus was to reach the abortion-minded woman, but it didn’t take long to realize that abortion was not a single-focused issue. It wasn’t as simplistic as encouraging a pregnant woman to choose life.

Studies have proven that 60% of women who choose to abort their child do so because they lacked the financial and material support needed to choose life. 

In addition, many of these women had difficult childhoods and difficult family circumstances. Some were still in high school. Some didn’t have stable housing. Some would lose their job if they continued their pregnancy. Some were addicted to drugs or had abusive family situations.

There was a need to build a broad safety net for these women. If we were going to promote life, and they were going to choose life, then they would need a lot more support.

We added prenatal information and parenting classes so our mothers could learn how to parent. We formed partnerships with area counselors, mental health professionals, and drug rehab agencies. We started offering transportation assistance to encourage medical appointments. We arranged for tutors to help our mothers obtain their HISET or GED or to obtain employment-related licenses or certifications. 

As time has progressed, we have been able to broaden our services to assist parents who have lost custody of their children with court-mandated parenting classes. We have also begun to focus on preparing and strengthening men for the role of fatherhood.

2023 Impact Highlights


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