Free Services

Free Services Available at Riverways Pregnancy Resource Center

Our free services provide everything a woman needs when experiencing a mistimed pregnancy. Such as:

Pregnancy Tests

For starters, one of our free services is pregnancy tests. If you are experiencing symptoms of pregnancy–fatigue, nausea, missed period–the first thing to do is take a test. Why pay for one when we offer them at no charge? As part of our comprehensive pregnancy evaluation, our tests are lab-quality. They are also administered in a confidential setting with results available during your appointment.

Following a positive pregnancy test, we schedule an ultrasound.

Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound

After the positive pregnancy test, the next step in our evaluation is an ultrasound. Our ultrasounds are performed by a licensed medical professional. In addition, they are overseen by a doctor with local hospital admitting privileges.  With an ultrasound, our medical team:

  • Looks for evidence of a viable pregnancy
  • Determines length of pregnancy
  • Ensures there are no medical concerns (such as ectopic pregnancy).

Following a confirmed pregnancy, a consultation is next to go over everything. Again, all our services–including the ultrasound–is no charge.

Pregnancy Consultation

Finally, upon a confirmation of pregnancy, an experienced professional will meet to discuss the outcome of the ultrasound. They will also answer questions relating to pregnancy, sex, STD’s, etc. They will also discuss the pregnancy options. Whether abortion, adoption or to parent is considered, we will provide you all the information and resources needed and establish a plan of action.

Our goal is to empower, equip and encourage women; giving them the freedom and peace of mind to make an educated pregnancy decision.

Community Resources

In addition, we also partner with various organizations, businesses, groups and individuals within the community. These partnerships allow us to offer resources and referrals in other areas of need. Whether it’s employment, housing, healthcare, clothing, etc.–we have info to help.